Roving Adventures – One on one interaction with the crowd.

The Clown Juggler  Cosmo circulates with the crowd, demonstrating anti-gravity with hats, balls clubs, and crystal balls.

Stilt Walking – The clown grows long legs and stomps around on  leggy stilts. Also available in sun costume.

Light Up Balls – Atmospheric light up  juggling, the balls are beautiful to watch in low light.  A mesmerizing display of artistry.


Circus Acts…

Rola Bola Balance – The clown displays great dexterity and clumsiness balancing on a tube and board, this musically choreographed piece is great for kids!

The Conductor – A fight to the finish with the music stand.

The Sailor – Captain Cosmo takes to the high seas in a cardboard boat, an imaginative adventure for everyone.

Light up Ball Juggle – Cosmo shows off her juggling skills with the beautiful glowing light up balls. Also presented in sun costume for a non clown routine. Great for night time and low light atmospheres.

Clown Crystal Balls – The crystal balls develop a life and mind of their own, Cosmo desperately attempts to keep them line.  The beautiful art of crystal ball manipulation with high octane comedy

Hats Off – 3 Hats are artistically manipulated by master hat whisperer, Cosmo.