“So awesome!… The audience’s faces were plastered with smiles.” Plank Magazine                                                                                          

“Hysterical and enormously entertaining! Melissa is always the consummate professional.”  -Public Dreams

Melissa – clown adventurer, brings 20 years of eclectic circus performance to the stage, circus ring, and hospitals. This quirky comedy stylist has performed in stadiums across the U.S., in a duck pond on Granville Island, at festivals throughout the continent, and currently, at BC Children’s Hospital and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Melissa is Head Clown of Kazoomco Productions and has performed at countless festivals, including Vancouver International Children’s Festival, and the Richmond Children’s Art Festival over many years. She has travelled with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, riding the rails across the U.S. on a circus train.

Melissa is delighted to work in the Therapeutic Clown program at the BC Children’s Hospital as the hospital’s only Dis-Orderly. Since 2012, she has worked with program director Sand Northrup, developing relationships with children and their families through humour and play. She is excited to begin at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice as their new Dis-Orderly, and one day dreams of graduating to be a full Doctor Of Disorder or D.O.D.O.

She can also be found on stage with 10 other quirky eclectic women in Vancouver’s only all-women clown collective, The Assembly. https://assemblytheatre.wordpress.com/

When Cosmo (clown) is performing, everyone is a potential playmate, and co-conspirator, whether she is roving through the crowds at a children’s festival, connecting one on one at BC Children’s Hospital, or whooping it up on stage in her stage show, Cosmo’s Pop-Up Circus.Melissa brings a blend of ridiculousness, warmth, and levity to all her interactions as a professional clown adventurer.